Month: August 2017

To the three elements identified a certain website before

1, domain name registration details. First of all, the domain name is the only way to find the website search engine, especially your level domain name, when the site binding a domain name search engine is generally not included or by spiders to crawl three level domain name page. But if the search engines crawl or three level domain name or no www domain, so we need to put the weight to a unified domain, the need to do 301 redirect the domain name website search engine only included a domain name, and then change the weight of the dispersion. This point requires us to name the quality of screening, we can use to register the domain name included the webmaster tools to check your page, the reverse link, if the record 0 is the best, if not 0 then we must carefully examine the application site before and what type, this can be viewed by love Shanghai snapshots. read more

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What factors affect the host of Shanghai dragon

4, the host access speed of

1, IP and SE were added to the list of

servers 3, stability and security of

server crashes or hacked every two or three days, horse and so on, the optimization effect is how the space is no.. It is not SE search crawl, while SE will think the site is closed, resulting in the site was K. The space is good, we will be found directly in the open web site, web sites are often not open the space for the best.

host access speed, not only affects the user and user experience, will also affect the site included. For a web site, the site speed is directly related to the distribution of the weights of the website SE. We can see the portal when opened, will soon be able to access the home page. The benefits of spiders in the climbing sites, will visit several times, increase the spider crawling time. If the speed suck, SE to grab a page long, the other page is not grab. This is one of the sites included not ideal. read more

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Arsene how to improve the keywords ranking

two, website content quality

do Google keyword ranking, according to PR is not wrong, but it is not referring to sex in Shanghai PR too many aspects of the situation. Because the update rate of PR is relatively slow, the general cycle of three months, when the general change Links main reference each other’s love Shanghai included and YAHOO back links. To see whether there is a site into high weight, and more external links and their website content is better. Remember that if your site anchor text keywords, but not on read more

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Beijing Shanghai dragon and a half Shanghai ranked fourth to share the experience of love


three, Links.

two, copy

The exchange of

we should be able to see my blog link of friendship more chaos, and not Shanghai Longfeng completely correlation Links blog, of course, Shanghai dragon blog link correlation of more than 50%, so here and we can affirm is related to Links blog promote ranking is absolutely valid, but non related Links are, but there is no complete correlation of Links rankings effect. Take this, and we summarize, friends of the chain can be related or non related, of course, a number of friends of the chain need to be controlled, the new blog Links needs to be controlled in a certain range, if the blog no PR or PR is less than 3, personal advice chain control in 25 below, this is not only conducive to ranking is more advantageous to the site overall weight lifting. read more

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Love Shanghai snapshot fast update causes and how to quickly update snapshot love Shanghai

!Of course,

two: the quality of the chain, now the site outside of the chain can’t rely solely on the number of the chain, to know the love of Shanghai according to the latest ranking rules, the weight of the chain number has been greatly reduced, and now love Shanghai more attention to brand website, that is the high quality of the chain, don’t see some master site outside the chain is not much, but the quality of the chain are very high, so for the novice, to obtain the high quality of the chain is very important as far as possible, of course, for the new station, because the PR value is low, so start the construction of the chain, or to find out the best quantity, and then engage in quality! read more

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t’s cool to earn money from prostitutionAli mom ads VS pulsating ads VS first video

begins with a brief introduction of my small website. My website is "DJ 2008fm", which belongs to the entertainment type website. IP is currently around 2500 per day. PV about 8000.

I started my mom in March in 08, and then launched the first video and pulse advertising alliance. Below I use these 3 advertisement alliance to sum up some good and bad contrast,

advantages: 1., advertising sources are more abundant,

two, pulsating advertising alliance,

now many advertising Union, what sh419 alliance, shlf1314 Adsense, Ali mom, the first video, pulse advertising, and so on. Advertising alliance market can be described as a mixed bag, it is difficult to choose. This article from my use of Ali mother League and pulsating advertising League, and the first video of the personal feelings about the two ad League pros and cons, you can give the new Adsense a little reference. read more

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A simple correlation measure to enhance your web site outside of the chain of

, a correlation between the keyword and the chain platformThe correlation between

keywords and chain platform is more easy to understand, it is said above to related sites outside the chain, the chain of this correlation is very high, in fact, we find that the website related to the hair of the chain, the weight given by the search engine, but also can attract people, guide people to click into our website, we can increase website traffic and orders.

in addition to the above two points, there is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er ignored, that is the relationship between keywords and content, in many forums can see some tea information of the posts written with keyword anchor text links these wedding photography, this obviously can be seen, the article is from the sea or fall in love with others the right hand left hand site copy paste up, and then force the insertion of several key words of optimization; but this effect is not good, perhaps the search engine will be considered junk posts, people think the best way is to search for keywords and related content, and through their own editing and then released, so the effect will be better. read more

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A funny video site outside the chain of construction experience

before the Admin5 share a < experience in > funny entertainment sites from 0ip to one thousand IP; the personal feeling is badly written, no response, it may be more difficult to research flow, the webmaster more fancy Shanghai Longfeng this one, several have according to, so today again I share the chain experience we can laugh taste set, first with the tools to check my site data, which contains about seventeen thousand love Shanghai, in fact, there are thousands of pages is not put out, I was more than 20000 in Shanghai to see the background data statistics of love, love of Shanghai chain is more than 40000, estimated in person this past week can be increased to more than 50 thousand, the performance is not good nor bad, after all, this was a turbulent period in Shanghai love. Google is about seventeen thousand, only 26 (the chain did not find doorways) other search engines we still look. read more

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2013 website information release ranking rise fast 5 Tips

(6) classified information network (people network, 58 city, the list of network, Ganji, Yideng nets, reputation nets, school express network, Tianya classified information network etc.)

two registered and logged in

(1) education and training enrollment website name registration center directly with

registered account, some people think that this is not simple, direct registration information out, official audit is not passed, but there is also a little skill. I summed up the four points, we can see: read more

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Business promotion choice bidding and the Shanghai dragon who choose search engine promotion

4, effective rate of


, 3 charges

in keyword selection, bidding can choose any business related keywords and keyword promotion, regardless of degree of difficulty and complexity; keywords network push selection to be relatively difficult, because that is the use of search engine keyword ranking rules for promotion, so when the choice of keywords a lot of keywords is not selected. And a lot of words can not be underestimated the difficulty of promotion.

The same promotion methods

paid for promotion (hereinafter referred to as bidding) and the Shanghai dragon search engine (hereinafter referred to as the network push) is through the keywords ranking to achieve business visits and sales means. Extended keywords, the keywords have a good ranking in Shanghai and other search engines, so that the user clicks on a priority, achieve the purpose of promotion. read more

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