What are the conditions for joining the

blue frog restaurant? On the Western leisure dining brand which good? Blue frog, blue frog is a rapid growth in China’s western brands. Franchise stores throughout Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

blue frog as China’s rapidly growing Western style casual dining chain, blue frog in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing has opened a number of stores.

blue frog western restaurant bar is one of BlueHorizon’s major brands, providing a strong flavor of the North American classic western cuisine. Blue frog with reasonable price, high quality food and drinks, comfortable dining atmosphere, first-class service and friendly attitude, consistent from beginning to end to offer Guests feel at home. dining experience.

blue frog has a loyal customer base, based on their enthusiastic support, blue frog won a number of media awards. In 2012, blue frog was chosen as "best Burger" by That’s sShanghai and Beijinger magazine readers in 2011 and was named "outstanding American restaurant" by Beijinger magazine readers".

expansion requirements

The area of

square meters interval: 350-400

2015 shop number: 8

2016 plans to open a number of shops: 10

plans to expand the city: Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian,,,..

can be stationed in the type of business district: the main city level shopping district

can be stationed in the type of business: shopping centers other shopping needs

City, a bustling business district, there is a certain consumer support

area requirements: 400 square meters;

to provide water and power supply, more than 160kW of electricity; with food and beverage functions, fire safety acceptance

per capita consumption: 150-200 yuan