December 4th, Xining city held in 2012 "military enterprises build a model village" summed up in recognition of the general assembly, 10 individuals of 10 grass-roots party organizations, commended.

this year, the city district in accordance with provincial and municipal requirements, 11 villages in the west along the road to carry out environmental remediation, to whitewash the fence and wall door focusing on the transformation of "military enterprises build a model village". The total investment of 73 million 243 thousand and 900 yuan, completed the construction of the project of the top 12 categories of 112. By strengthening the professional strength, coordination, strengthen supervision and inspection, to build units focus on building mechanisms and other measures to actively strive for agriculture related projects, the area of the "military enterprises build a model village campaign showing a characteristic of a bright spot, there is a breakthrough, focus on the overall work on the level of" work pattern. Activities, so that the majority of villagers’ environmental awareness increased, littering, littering, dumping sewage phenomenon significantly reduced, the villagers living environment has been further optimized, fundamentally solve the problem of environment dirty and messy. (author: Su Jianping)