Xining city industry and commerce departments to strengthen the supervision and management of the agricultural market, recently formed the special inspection group on the four district three county agricultural business license, according to Liang, "two accounts two of the ticket book card" and "three agricultural" sales "agricultural business entities five systems and agricultural capital goods (left the implementation of reference sample) pumping system, carry out a thorough investigation.

checks from agricultural business households situation, found no unlicensed, according to rate, light shine rate was 100%; the agricultural households are in accordance with the requirements of agricultural purchase channels, sales of 11 record, the implementation of the "two Zhang two votes a book card" and "the three agricultural" system. At the same time, Xining City West Branch Trade and industry of Qinghai province "pesticides have expired business license" of Xining Feng Green Seed Co. Ltd., the first operation of the Department of Xining Xia Feng Agricultural limited and Xining agricultural limited liability company operating the Department of agriculture, second Xining science and Technology Co., requiring rectification, cancellation of pesticide sales in the business scope of the.