5 9, the disabled in Qinghai Province in 2016 jointly organized by the Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial federations, the archery competition ended in the Longhua Hui Autonomous County, Haidong city group of town, 42 disabled athletes after 2 days of competition, Haidong team and Longhua team and Huangnan team won the top three groups respectively, Ma Shenglong, Ma Shengshou, Caig and other 6 players won the top 6 individual achievement.

the archery competition is competition for the first time in Qinghai province disabled archery competitions, the organization, and further enrich the cultural and sports life of the disabled, and promote the development of sports for the disabled rehabilitation exercise, to create a good social atmosphere for helping the disabled. According to the archery competition referee Wa Youzhen introduction, this kind of game only bare bow bow, athletes are not allowed to use the sights, shock absorber, signal and various markers of reference, the top 6 athletes score over 260 individual athletes in more than 300 ring, ring, for our province disabled sports and mining reserves archery talents.