carefully prepared nearly three years of Xining water conservancy construction and urban construction of major projects – Beichuan River comprehensive treatment project officially started in November 2nd. The project will focus on "plateau Shuicheng, elegant garden and cultural corridor" positioning, create a set of ecological protection, green space, leisure culture, tourism landscape, natural ecological environment restoration functions of ecological livable city, marking the Xining city to achieve the water into the city’s goal has taken a solid step forward.

Beichuan river is an important tributary of the Huangshui River, Beichuan River comprehensive treatment project is one of the important measures to increase pollution control in the Huangshui River watershed. The implementation of the comprehensive management of Beichuan river is of great significance to expand the new space for urban development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, and improve the layout of urban functions and so on.


control project range east of Dongshan root, South Tianjun Road, West Road, north to Kang Ning Zhang Jia qiao. Area of about 9.32 square kilometers, implemented in two phases. A range of Kang bridge to the south, Tianjun north of the bridge, the highway west, Ning Ning Zhang highway to the East, an area of about 6.35 square kilometers. The high standards of planning and construction of ecological protection, green space, leisure culture, tourism landscape restoration, ecological livable city functions as one of the natural ecological environment, the formation of "one, three, six; a nuclear spatial structure, tourism, leisure and entertainment, bearing the characteristics of commercial, business office, ecological residential recreational waterfront six the dominant function, become the center of the integrated activity characteristics of the Xining city waterfront leisure zone and the area north of the city".

first phase of the project to estimate the static investment 6 billion yuan. At present, land acquisition is completed investment of 2 billion 900 million yuan, total financing of 2 billion 600 million yuan, the implementation of river flood drainage, water conservancy, supporting infrastructure, resettlement housing construction and railway line project, plans to invest 2 billion yuan this year. (author: Su Jianping)