always have so many customers, perhaps because of a temporary financial difficulties, perhaps a moment did not want to come out and then made some confused things. As a shopkeeper, what should we do at this time? In front of people exposed, or treat it? Not long ago, I saw a thief by the angry crowd when the street who slapped on the street. The thief in sympathy at the same time, I can understand people indignant.

because our shop retail merchants also tend to suffer, I hate the most is the thief. In order to prevent these annoying, hateful thief, I installed multiple cameras in the supermarket, but the frustration is that there are still some goods or was stolen.

remember once, I found a middle-aged middle-aged woman on the monitor screen, with a little boy about ten years old walked into my supermarket. I saw her hanging around for a while, go straight to the washing area, take a few boxes of cosmetics to a place by myself, then get to open the nose sniffing for a while, again on the boxes on the shelves, and then calmly went to see the other goods.

a moment, she saw no one to pay attention to her, and then slowly folded back, picked up just put a box of "friendship card" moisturizing cream, ready to checkout cashier. Seeing this, I quickly left the monitor screen and ran to the cashier. Because I clearly on a monitor screen that this woman is a thief, she has a price of one hundred yuan a bottle of "OLAY" box multi-purpose cream, smuggle and another box inside the price of only 5 yuan of "friendship" cream made on.

with me, hate not publicly gave her a slap in the face, and pulled her into the street to reveal her infamy. However, when I saw her the little boy, a pair of simple and childish small face, I unconsciously squat body, stroking the first little boy said to his mother: "your son is really good! The forehead revealed good culture be clever and sensible, will be dongliangzhicai."

then I stood up with a different angle, standing in the middle of their mother, the child was blocking the line of sight, the mother said to the confused with solemn tone: "you this box ‘Frost’ is a bit special, because we are on display so it is not for sale, trouble you to change a box of original no Kai a letter of" friendship card "moisturizing cream." Sounds very common words, but let the special female customers a red face to the ears. What all understand she XinHuangYiLuan to exchange for her if the real "friendship" brand cream, holding the child’s hand jittery quickly out of the supermarket.

since then, she has never appeared in my supermarket, but her son is another man and often come to my supermarket.