9 18, the Qinghai Provincial Association of trade associations and the executive branch of the leadership of the leadership of the group (enlarged) meeting held in second. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor, chamber of Commerce and Industry Association executive from the work group leader Zhang Jianmin presided over the meeting, vice governor, provincial chamber of Commerce and Industry Association executive vice group leader Chung Kuang from speech.

the meeting stressed that the province from the leading group and the relevant departments in accordance with meeting the requirements on the pilot work of decoupling is not to relax, to ensure the completion by the end of October the first batch of pilot reform tasks, and successfully pushed the second batch of pilot work; to grasp the decoupling pilot key, according to the requirements of the central approval and formulate the related work and the implementation of the program. Deal with and resolve involving people, property, financial and other aspects of the problem, stimulate the Industry Association Chamber of Commerce vitality and stamina, actively and steadily push forward the work; work together to form the relevant departments in the lead, to clear the main responsibility, take the initiative as scheduled in accordance with the time node, the policies and measures in place, and do a good job the pilot work.

the meeting pointed out that from the arduous tasks of reform, to grasp the co-ordination, planning and building good relationship involving staff related adjustment, timely completion of the first batch of pilot work and work to carry out the second batch of pilot list; should pay special attention to the implementation of measures, grasp the key link, to strengthen supervision and guidance, to ensure a smooth transition, the reform and decoupling to promote the effectiveness of.