what is the hot trend of the times we do? Healthy cereal is popular, popular catering market, especially in the breakfast industry. Grain bag has become the hot breakfast now join the market investment projects, is one of the food hopper meat bun. Food bucket meat bun featured red sorghum, corn, wheat, soybeans, rice and other grains, green and healthy grains as ingredients, and add meat dish to fight secret natural grain powder, cereals powder formula, the grain of healthy, nutritious and delicious play to its highest fully inclusive and equitable, nutritional value.

dishes steamed meat buns join policy:

assist site selection, the implementation of the decoration, the introduction of enterprise VI, do a good grasp of the first shop to do, such as: to understand the location of the store, the natural environment, human environment, the store’s own conditions, the decoration effect, etc..

, including store location, store design, construction plans, equipment installation, staff clothing, image of things, etc., headquarters to provide readily available, step by step support, to achieve the fastest speed market operations.

– "technical training manual", the teacher teach, 3 days to become "Chinese delicacy experts".

senior design staff according to the practical conditions, to provide home decoration design, construction can be directly.

professional teacher to explain all the preparatory work before the start, do not detour. Early start early to make money

The headquarters of the

in different regions, market, technology, continuous development of new products, free to teach, help partners to get more value-added services, to win the regional market competition ability, the business continued hot.

based three-dimensional marketing through a variety of media, to enhance the visibility and reputation of the brand, and stores the popular sentiment, increasing store profitability, be promoted step by step.

implementation of strict regional protection policies, standardize the number of shops in the region, to ensure that investors in the region to ensure the exclusive operation, to avoid bad competition, healthy development, sustained profitability

headquarters with a sound logistics system, the first time the material delivered to the store.

throughout the country after sales service system, ad hoc national after-sales service telephone, after-sales service will be on the phone for investors to track the occasional service to ensure that investors in the store operation has been greatly improved!