is now a lot of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs will face a very big pressure, however, if the government can provide favorable policies, will be able to have a great help to entrepreneurship. To this end, the city of Bengbu has established a very sound mechanism for entrepreneurship, there is a very big support, even if the venture fails, will get the help of the government.

college graduates for the first time, to provide financial support; the new venture failed to continue to pay social insurance premiums to individuals, will also be given a certain amount of social insurance subsidies in accordance with its business tax. 15 days, Huaihe morning included a reporter from the city people club Bureau learned that, recently, the "I further support the implementation of Small and micro businesses development benefits, providing multi-channel financial support for the first time business staff.

a lot of young people in the early days of the most troublesome problem is how to get the "gold"? Indeed, the initial venture capital is the most precious, but also the most difficult to obtain, especially for just out of the University of entrepreneurship has a cavity enthusiasm of College students.

"entrepreneurship is a challenging path, it is difficult, but as long as the goal and adhere to it will be rewarded. Young people want to start their own businesses to have a clear understanding of the project, through the guidance of professionals, multi consultation, list of practical plans and goals, you can try to venture. For young entrepreneurs’ admission ‘, the government will give full support." City People Club Bureau Employment Bureau official told reporters, in August this year, the city to implement policies to promote college students’ employment, the initial college graduates within 5 years of its science and technology, modern service Small and micro businesses, new agricultural business entities (farmer cooperatives, family farms, model etc.) and initial employment difficulties founded Small and micro businesses, 5000 – 10000 yuan one-time start-up subsidies given to meet the conditions.

among them, the individual self-employed according to the standard subsidy of 5000 yuan, according to the number of partnerships under the grant of $2000 per person to grant subsidies, the total amount of the total amount of the partnership does not exceed $10000. At the same time, according to the standard of 5 yuan per square meter per month, to give a subsidy for the field for the past 1 years, the maximum monthly subsidy of not more than $1000.

the person in charge of the special reminder, the need to provide business support for the reporting of graduation certificate, business license (copy), employment certificate and other related documents. Application materials by the social sector audit, review of the financial sector, the grant funds directly to the enterprise account.

In addition,

, for the new venture failure, the government has also established a mechanism to help out. Workers first venture, a business registration for over 1 years and less than 3 years and is the legal representative or principal investor, enterprise after the cancellation of the registered unemployment and personal identity to pay workers social insurance premiums for more than 6 months. "