China’s popularity of law is not strong, resulting in a lot of retail store owners are not enough to understand the relevant legal knowledge of the industry, there is a very clear phenomenon, as long as the shop, the owner will think that consumers. So, who is the consumer? Next, let Xiaobian for the majority of the retail store owners to popularize.

shop operation, every day will face different customers. Customer is consumer. I found that many shopkeepers on the concept of consumer is not in place. A simple example: the individual owner in order to deal with the cigarette inventory, the cigarette sold to unscrupulous tobacconists. When monopoly inspectors investigation, they often use the "cigarette traffickers and consumers" on the grounds, all sorts of sophistry, obstruction of law enforcement, the legal sanctions, too late for regrets. Therefore, shop operators to find out what is the consumer".

"consumer protection law" defined by the consumer as: to meet the needs of the consumer to purchase, use of goods or services received by individuals or units. Through the definition of the law, we can easily see that consumers have the following 4 characteristics: 1, the nature of consumer consumption is the life of consumption; 2, the consumer’s consumer goods and services.

3, consumer consumption patterns include the purchase, use (goods) and acceptance (service), 4, the main body of consumers, including citizens and the consumption of living units. If the store owner to understand the concept of the consumer, you can better law-abiding business, the service of the real consumer, not the above-mentioned violations and false statements.

clear the definition of consumers, to know what talent can be regarded as a legal sense of the consumer, which will have a very big help for the operation of the store, but also to help shopkeepers legitimate business. In short, if you are the owner of a retail store, but also need to know what is the real consumer shop oh.