On Monday, Richard Achuka, 41, was shot in the neck and shoulder and died yesterday when the gunmen attacked four of the agency’s trucks as they returned from delivering food to schools and other sites in northeastern Karamoja region of the country.Supply distribution to half a million people impacted by drought was halted on Tuesday.“Because we are keenly aware of the magnitude of the drought in Karamoja and the huge additional needs for relief assistance, WFP has agreed to resume its humanitarian work across the region from tomorrow (1 June),” said the agency’s Uganda Country Director Tesema Negash.Ugandan authorities have assured WFP that security will be bolstered.“We must recognize that WFP works in a challenging environment,” said Ugandan Minister of State for Relief and Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru. “The Government will provide full security to staff and property of WFP and all humanitarian partners in the region to enable them to achieve their mission.”Also this week, leaders of the Abim, Kaabong and Kotido Districts asked WFP voiced alarm at the murder and asked the agency to consider this an isolated incident. They promised to find those responsible and ensure they are brought to justice.The leaders also urged the agency to continue with its efforts, noting their appreciation for WFP’s work spanning 40 years in Karamoja, which has the highest malnutrition rates in the country.“If WFP withdraws from Karamoja at this critical time, the suffering of the people will reach unacceptable levels,” said Simon Lokodo from the Karamoja Parliamentary Group.Karamoja, the country’s poorest region, has been ravaged by three droughts in six years. This January, WFP began distributing supplies to feed half a million people, while an additional 200,000 in the same region also receive the agency’s aid. As a result, at least 70 per cent of Karamoja’s total population benefits from WFP’s assistance. 31 May 2007After suspending aid operations in northeastern Uganda earlier this week following a deadly attack, the Government and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today that the agency will resume its aid operations in the area tomorrow.