“At this challenging time for the region, the Secretary-General calls on all the parties in Lebanon to remain united behind the leadership of President Sleiman,” said a statement issued by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson.According to media reports, Mr. Mikati announced his resignation after a deadlocked cabinet meeting over the preparations for a parliamentary election and extending the term of a senior security official.Mr. Ban called on all parties to “work together with the institutions of the State to maintain calm and stability, to respect Lebanon’s policy of disassociation consistent with their commitment in the Baabda Declaration, and to support the role of the Lebanese Armed Forces in sustaining national unity, sovereignty and security.”The Baabda Declaration, which was issued during a National Dialogue meeting in June, calls for keeping Lebanon neutral from regional tensions and crises. The Declaration is named after the Baabda Presidential Palace, where the meeting was held.“The Secretary-General urges all concerned to engage positively with the President to agree the way forward in accordance with Lebanon’s constitutional requirements and with full respect for the democratic process,” the statement added.