first_imgWhen it comes to choosing storage for your PC the mechanical drives still win out in terms of capacity and price. But the SSD has taken the lead in terms of speed, and now Buffalo has made the switch to flash memory an even more tempting proposition.Buffalo‘s first foray into the SSD storage market is a bit of a monster. The company has produced a 256GB 2.5-inch drive that has a 6Gbps SATA-III interface. What that combination means is read speed of up to 405MBps. Write speeds are also very high at 223MBps.AdChoices广告This is usually the point where we mention the price, and all thoughts of instant-on PCs and super fast load speeds are quashed. Yes, the Buffalo drive is expensive, coming in at around $890, but for someone who wants serious performance and a substantial amount of storage, it may not be too much.We also like to focus on the future here at, and that near-$900 won’t be at that price point for long. By this time next year we could be seeing the price halved and 512GB drives on the market.The Buffalo SSD-N256S/MC400 will be available later this week in Japan. It shouldn’t take long for a few companies in the West to get hold of a shipment and start offering them up, probably with a premium price attached.Read more at Buffalo (Japanese), via AkihabaraNewslast_img