first_imgThere are so many bands and musicians in this day and age it’s hard to get your new single noticed by journalists and fans.Swedish indie band, Shout Out Louds, had not released a single since their last album, which was three years ago. So, to make sure people sat down and listened to it, they decided to make a record out of ice.Ten select fans, friends and journalists received a special kit so that they themselves could make the said ice record. The kit came with the record sat at the bottom of a silicone mold and a bottle of water. Users were asked to fill the mold (with the record still inside) with water, using about half of the bottle and aiming at the center of the record. The water is distilled, to minimize the amount of air bubbles in the ice, which make the needle jump.Then the mold must be put into a freezer and left there for about six hours. When the record has been successfully frozen, it must be taken out of the mold. After this has been done, a knife is needed to carve an air-pocket between the ice and the record so that the record can be removed from the ice, by getting your nail inside the air-pocket and spinning it round the entire record. This should result in the record coming loose from the ice and now the block of ice can be played on a record player, providing you still have one.The sound from the ice record isn’t perfect, obviously, but it’s pretty impressive that it works as well as it does. They were told by professors at different universities that it wouldn’t work but by trying out different techniques, they were eventually successful. Appropriately, the song is called Blue Ice and it’s due for release in February.via Pitchforklast_img