first_img“Strange things turn up in crocodile stomachs all the time. But finding a surgical plate in there, well, we never thought we’d find that,” Lever told CNN affiliate 7 News. He added, “The crocodile, it’s eaten something with a plate in it so it’s either a human or a pet — and I presume with a plate that size it would be a dog.”M.J. was up to 70-years-old and reportedly lived at the farm for six years.  The reptile was originally bought from a nearby farm that captured it in the wild. The plate was initially produced in Switzerland, so Lever said it’s possible that it was in the “crocodile’s stomach for decades.”Crocodiles have interesting appetites: In June, a kayaker caught a ginormous python eating an entire crocodile in chilling swamp photos. The photos showed the python swallowing the reptile after it squeezed it to death at an Australian swamp.More on Python Devours Entire Crocodile in Horrifying Swamp PhotosWatch: Crocodile Crawls Into Boat in Miami, Evades Wildlife OfficialsTerrifying ‘Death Roll’ Almost Universal Among Crocodile Species Watch: Crocodile Snatches Angler’s Catch in Australian National ParkHere’s How This ‘Croc Whisperer’ Is Protecting Jamaica’s Largest Predator A crocodile farm owner recently came across a shocking discovery when he found a surgical plate in the stomach of a dead 15-foot crocodile.M.J., a saltwater crocodile, died at the Koorana Crocodile Farm in Queensland, Australia, in June, CNN Travel reported. The strange orthopedic plate was discovered inside the reptile’s gut, along with stones used to grind up food, during a necropsy. A photo of the deceased creature and the objects were posted on Facebook, and it has received more than 117 comments so far.center_img Stay on targetlast_img