first_img Those long weeks without The Flash are behind us. The CW’s best superhero show is back, and there have been some pretty big changes in the month since we last visited Central City. Barry and Iris are living together. Yay! But Barry’s having nightmares about Savitar killing Iris. Not yay. Barry, of course, doesn’t tell Iris what’s bothering him because, as much as we love him, he’s a bit of a dumbass when it comes to this stuff. She knows something is up, though, because how could she not? Unfortunately, every time they’re about to have a conversation about it, Barry gets called away to deal with a crisis.First, it’s a fire, which brings to light another welcome change. Wally is now officially Kid Flash. He’s trailing The Flash for now, learning the ropes before he goes out superheroing on his own. Not everyone is completely on board with having two Flashes though. Wally shows up at the police station to have lunch with his dad but overhears Detective Patterson complaining about how Kid Flash is ineffective.Wally’s inferiority complex isn’t helped by Barry forcing him to stay behind when a new villain named Plunder shows up. Even Joe, the most protective father in Central City, doesn’t understand why. Especially after Barry chews Wally out for saving his life during a confrontation with Plunder. Fortunately, this part of the story doesn’t last very long. Honestly, The Flash is at its worst when Barry is very obviously lying to his friends because he thinks he has to protect them.Grant Gustin as The Flash and Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash. (Photo via The CW)We soon learn that he didn’t want Wally tagging along because he intended to let Plunder go. During Barry’s brief trip to the future, he saw a news report saying The Flash had defeated Plunder. He planned to let the villain escape in the hope of changing that future. He finally decides to admit all this to Iris, who convinces him to let the rest of the team in too. With that out of the way, the episode can move on to more interesting things. For example, trying to change the future.Barry and Cisco set up a device that lets both of them vibe into the future and report back to the present. By reading all the headlines on the newscast, they put together a list of things that happen in between now and Iris’s death. Then, it’s all about seeing if they can force one of them, namely the capture of Plunder, to turn out differently. If they can, the future can be changed, and Iris might not have to die. Barry takes Wally along with him this time and allows him to take down Plunder. The bad guy is brought in, and the future is now different. Plunder was defeated not by The Flash, but by Kid Flash.Things aren’t all happy, though. Another headline was that Killer Frost is still at large. Caitlin is already starting to lose control of her powers, and it appears she eventually will. The cuffs Cisco made to keep her powers under control are failing. She asks Julian for help, and he initially brushes her off. You know, because of the whole kidnapping thing. Still hasn’t gotten over that. Eventually, he reconsiders because he could use a friend or two. The rest of the team, after some debate, agrees to let him join. Malfoy is here to stay! He immediately proves to be a great addition to the team. He and Cisco design a necklace that will keep Caitlin’s powers in check. Not only is it better looking than the cuffs, but it’s also solar powered, so she never needs to worry about plugging in.Tom Felton as Julian Albert. (Photo via The CW)As the episode ends, a portal opens up in an alley somewhere in the city. A mysterious woman pops out. She appears to be from Earth-19, and she’s hunting down H.R. She is actually Gypsy, a metahuman who, in the comics, helps Vibe realize his full potential. She appears to be a villain on the show for now, but in the comics, she’s a member of the Justice League. We’ll get to see exactly which direction the Arrowverse takes her next week.The midseason premiere didn’t give us a great villain, or even exciting action scenes, but it was a decent episode for other reasons. The characters showed some real growth this week. Wally is settling into his role as Kid Flash and becoming more of a hero in his own right. Joe is now completely OK with his son fighting crime. Even H.R. learned something about not trying to force greatness. Most importantly, Barry finally, finally learned that he couldn’t keep shutting out his friends and family. Especially now that he and Iris are living together. Let’s hope that sticks. Stay on target Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019’The Flash’ Season 5 Finale Recap: 2 Big Bads and 1 Pre-Crisis last_img