first_imgWe finally got to see the Nintendo Switch (i.e. the artist formerly known as the NX) last week via a heavily produced video. The video itself didn’t give us a lot of information we didn’t already find out from all of those leaks, but it was nice to actually see what the system looks like. Nintendo won’t be releasing anything related to the console’s specs, price, and games until January 12, but thankfully, some insiders have dug up more info on the system.EuroGamer has recently learned that the Nintendo Switch will have a 6.2″ display. This is roughly the size of the Wii U gamepad screen or that of the largest smartphones. It will have a capacitive multi-touch screen with a 720p resolution. The display is different from the resistive touch screens of the 3DS and Wii U gamepad. Those devices were single-touch only, but the Switch’s screen is comparable to modern smartphones that have 10-point multi-touch. Multi-finger gestures will be supported on the Switch.It is unclear why Nintendo didn’t state that the Switch has touch-capabilities in the video, but if we were to guess, it might have to do with trying not to confuse viewers. Explaining the difference between resistive and capacitive touch is something best left for something like a Nintendo Direct.It could also be that Nintendo wants folks to know that this is a brand-new system and not just another version of the 3DS or Wii U gamepad. Nintendo tends to work in mysterious ways but focusing the video on games and how the Switch can be played both at home and on-the-go was a smart move.So far it appears that Nintendo is moving into the 21st century with the Switch. While it may not rival the PS4 Pro or the upcoming Project Scorpio in terms of raw horse power, it is set to be one of the more powerful Tegra-based devices on the market. Being able to play games at 720p while on the road is certainly going to be sweet.last_img