in the last year, all over the country are held in a variety of innovative entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurship contest is no longer a new thing, the majority of entrepreneurs have gradually become familiar with this model, as a showcase themselves, access to investors and experts favored platform.

1 26, Guangyuan innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals ended. The expert review, field investigation, assessment and other aspects of public Alibaba, last year listed on the NYSE as one of Qingchuan’s pioneering bell girl female students "Qingchuan regional agricultural products business integration project" and the "entrepreneurial team from the Sichuan Information Technology College free leisure chair project", through the formal group and won the group talent shows itself, the intention of group first name.

in the final scene, the reporter learned that the project through a 5 minute presentation and 3 minutes live Q & A, 22 entrepreneurs in the roadshow for entries. Through the combination of expert review, public review phase, finally, the formal group and intention group were named one first prize, two prize two, third-prize, three prize five. Formal innovation group first prize 50 thousand yuan, two prize 30 thousand yuan, third-prize 20 thousand yuan, winning 5 thousand yuan; the intention of innovation and entrepreneurship group 30 thousand yuan prize, two prize 20 thousand yuan, third-prize 10 thousand yuan, 3 thousand yuan prize. Winning projects will also be follow-up policy support.

to ensure open, fair, scientific and standardized, the organizing committee invited 9 well-known experts from Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangyuan local electricity supplier, agriculture, finance and other industries as the judges. Before the finals, for the final entry of the formal group of 11 projects, the expert jury also conducted a field investigation.

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