with the rapid development of the pet industry, now more and more pet shop open, but every pet shop operating conditions vary, the only owner who knows sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Shop owners want to improve the turnover, and attract customers is the first step, this time promotion is essential, so, how to promote it? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

pet shop in the promotion of the existing problems are: advertising investment generally less. Even some boutique specialty stores, too.

publicity and utilization of a single channel. The use of local newspapers, but also focus on the evening news, and occasionally the use of radio, there are a few shops in front of their own shop to do a few light box advertising.


publicity. Some pet stores only in the opening of the pet shop, how to promote? Pay attention to do some decoration, promotion or leaflets, and other things, while other time is mainly engaged in business.

does not have a loud publicity brand. Some shops do not have a name, just hang a sign, some even if there is a name, but often similar.

some shops due to commercial unity, pet shop to how to promote? The color of life is so strong, see everywhere some pots and pans, some busy every sewing mending, some of the clothes hanging around, these emotions can not be said to the customer shopping has no effect;

above problems reflect a considerable part of the owner of the pet store brand awareness is not strong, but also did not recognize the importance of doing a good job in the promotion of store operations.

for the characteristics of the problem at this stage, you can use the following improvements:

pet shop how to promote? Enhance brand awareness, the concept of brand promotion to promote the importance of brand awareness is not only for large enterprises, small shops are equally important, can also produce a good benefit pull.


pet store promotion, increase investment, proper use of newspapers radio and television outdoor media or issued some promotional materials, some of the promotional information, product information, and the characteristics of service information in a timely manner to pass out to the pet shop promotion? Especially in the sales season, should do more to attract consumers.

to join pet shop name to design, tastes, rich kind of affinity, it can attract people from the name of. Pet shop how to promote? Such as barber shop, some named * * image design center, to understand the problem of rising a level; the same shop, some named us, both the source and the same is interesting; dumplings, it is argued the auspicious new year every day, with delicious recommendation