like to do business, small business, only sales go up, to earn money, so we are hoping to master some skills, make business more prosperous. So, you may ask, what stall can master the skills? Let Xiaobian to secret!

A, how to set up a stall? Try to stay in one place every day, so that your old customers can easily find you.

three, how to set up a stall? If you are not good at dealing with bargain, in each sample are clearly written on the sales price, the lowest price is stated in this city, and resolutely do not bargain.

four, sell cheap to let everyone know that, according to the same stall and stores the general price and their purchase price as a reference, basically is at the lowest on the basis of more low.

five, how to set up a stall? Copy others’ success. See other people’s goods sell well, change a place, sell the same goods.

now stall is not so easy, the competition is very fierce, if you do not understand the skills, very easy to lose customers. Although many people are going to stall to make money, but do not know business skills, like a doorway, only to master the relevant skills, can let the business do better.