once it rains, in order to make the line of sight is more clear, the wiper is useful, as the car market a very important assistant tool, the wiper has a very large market demand, but also gave birth to a lot of big brands. So, which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

is also known as the wipers, wiper, wiper wiper or windshield wiper, brush is used to scrape the rain and dust attached to the windshield of a vehicle on the equipment, in order to improve driver visibility, increase traffic safety. Because of the legal requirements, where almost all the cars with the wiper. The hatchback and SUVs and other vehicles is also equipped with a rear window wiper.

rainy day, when the rain falling on the window glass, the car in front of the line of sight soon hampered, vehicles, pedestrians and landscape have become blurred. At this point, open the wiper, the car will be a clear front.

which brand is good? BOSCH BOSCH auto parts (from the German brand, founded in 1926, the world’s leading automotive parts manufacturer, the world’s leading automotive technology suppliers, BOSCH Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

which brand is good? Valeo VALEO (professional production and sales of cars and trucks parts / integrated systems and modules of the multinational industrial group, one of the world’s leading automotive supplier Valeo group)

which brand is good? Terrico (started in 1917 in the United States, the world’s first car wiper inventor, one of the world’s largest / most professional wiper manufacturers, automotive systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.)

which brand is good? S.d.l. (engaged in automotive wiper design / production / sales and service in one of the international companies, domestic competitive wiper production enterprises, s.d.l. international Limited by Share Ltd)

which brand is good? Shenghuabo SHB (founded in 1986, Zhejiang province famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand, product design / mold design / production / sales as one of professional auto parts manufacturing company, Shenghuabo Group Co. Ltd)

which brand is good? Trefoil (in 1999, specializing in the production and sale of a series of magneto / starter motor and wiper company, its wiper to sell high-quality products at home and abroad, Guangzhou clover Motor Co., Ltd.)

which brand is good? Asmo (ASIMO was founded in 1979 in Japan, focusing on car small motor for R & D and production enterprises, wiper industry leading brands, Tianjin automotive Micro Motor Co. Ltd. > ASIMO