easy to open a shop, open a shop is extremely difficult, we have to do a better job, only to ensure that their shop business is more prosperous. So, open a tea shop to do what work? Let Xiaobian for you a detailed analysis.

a, tea shop reasonable location:

business the most attention is the "gas" and "popular", this is not superstition, "gas" is mainly to see the place where there is no commercial atmosphere, the commercial atmosphere of our merchandise are not appropriate, "popular" mainly refers to our business where there is no customer flow of any psychological motivation we buy these goods customers.

tea as a kind of special commodity, in addition to drinking health care function. It also reflects its cultural and artistic value, it can make the person heart, yaking and natural tea shops should be selected according to the characteristics of tea.

two, tea shop decoration:

tea shop decoration is the main characteristics of tea business, so that customers have a psychological harmony, tea shop decoration decoration for decoration decoration domain, mainly to attract customers into the store to browse, decoration is to arouse the customer’s purchase motivation.

three, rich tea knowledge:

as a tea operator, the first thing is to grasp the rich knowledge of tea, simple knowledge of tea cultivation, tea production, tea, tea processing, all kinds of tea in the end where? The local tea origin, identification of tea quality, tea price changes, tea, tea, tea and tea culture and tea related knowledge etc.. At the same time, continue to understand the requirements of the market, grasp the changes in tea consumption, update the concept of operation, predict the trend of tea consumption.

four, strict quality control:

commodity quality is an important factor in determining a store business is good or bad, especially in tea tea, therefore, do not speak, must strictly the quality pass, see appearance, smell, moisture, soup, product taste, see bottom of leaves, on the price, if the conditions are strict in demands. You can use advanced testing equipment, if their uncertainty, can consult some full-time technical staff.

also require the supplier to three cards (business license, health permit, commodity inspection certificate) in packaging tea to understand each other there is no packing plant, and the procedures are complete (twopackage qualification, bar code, origin, production date, shelf life), and opened the one or two boxes (bags) to see whether the quality of match, do not convenient, cheap, easily believe that man, the best choice of size, strength, intangible assets.