some time ago with cousin chatted recently in some busy, my cousin is in Beijing’s famous public relations inside the account director, responsible for customer analysis, and later the whole control proposal of customer needs, their company served many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, has a very rich experience in brand pr.

talk about their company’s public relations and I am currently doing network marketing, he is very interested in, but they also have the company’s network marketing company, is operating in general only, I went to look at them that the network marketing website, they first feel to the network marketing this is not attention may be not essential ancillary service products, but also of course behind with him about their specific network marketing mode of operation and the needs of customers, back to talk to him and I will continue to share in the blog.

reached some consensus in two main areas:

1 general network marketing has not formed attractive enough

to customers

with the search giant, large B2B/B2C companies, the growth of the network marketing company’s long-term training market, the magic of the network has been seen by many entrepreneurs and practitioners. Many enterprises have been very aware of the importance of the network, the network marketing is not new, and some companies have exclusive team to do, some have begun to take shape and effect, some also constantly groping.

is now with some traditional industries to communicate with friends, they all know that bidding, SEO, but also can say some practical way, whenever I hear them say that when I think the concept of network marketing has been deeply rooted in the network, the media will be of great importance to the near future, at the same time that is a very important problem, that is when they learn some network promotion way, is not that the network is actually such a thing, feel quite understand the network, even told me that the network is very simple ah, is not what post in the forum and blog, we do previously, the effect not ah… Etc., in fact… I know, they need to have a more profound understanding to the network platform or tools, including how to from the network This piece of business, this is a series of rigorous introduction or training.

took my friend, he is doing the traditional advertising, had to do the optimization when the keyword advertising pictures, he said received some calls from the website, but were rarely, he felt no effect, then do not do optimization work. In fact, to search engine optimization is a means to allow customers to be able to find you, after you find people, as there are many factors affecting turnover or not will, say your customer service is timely customer service, online services, into a single capacity, a series of problems if your product is competitive, the industry competition so, if we talk about these issues, we should start from the business point of view, on the basis of.