2008 global search engine marketing conference 18 days with global network search marketing leading experts to Xiamen mountain

on the network advertising, fees by click rate calculation, it was clicked to generate advertising fees – this seems very scientific and reasonable advertising operations, hidden many traps. Accidentally hits may fool you, let you have to spend money. SMX (Search Marketing Conference) Chinese chairman Ni Yingwei told reporters yesterday, recently to survey data from the Internet, for advertising click fraud has reached 28% in the fourth quarter of 2007, in 2008 this proportion is expected to be higher. To this end, the global search conference this year will be the theme in "how to optimize the search marketing, global network search marketing top 18 experts will through this conference to Xiamen mountain. Reporter Baidu a bit, (baidu.com), search engine marketing related web pages about 4120000.

, our company will receive a lot of business owners every day consulting, their online advertising hits is high, but there is no practical effect." The domestic network search marketing experts, Xiamen Shiyihaowei network company manager Qiu told reporters, through the search engine advertising has become Xiamen and many domestic enterprises as an important means of network marketing, search engine advertising advertisers will after the classification of customers, and put in a variety of advertising content associated with the search page, cooperation websites and blogs on the page as long as the Internet users, click on the ads, advertisers have to pay an advertising fee.

however, this "click advertising fee" seems reasonable but there are many pitfalls, some advertisers launched the staff or even use specialized software to create a large number of invalid clicks "profiteering. The day before from the international authority Click Forensics report said: the auction advertisement click fraud has increased to 28.3% in the 2007 quarter of fourth, in other words, every dollar is 28 cents for advertising companies and publishing platform fraud. Moreover, click on fraudsters to use more difficult to identify the means of fraud, fraud, including small retail stores and e-commerce sites. For search engines, advertising alliance networks, content publishers need to do more cooperation and data sharing, in order to prevent the auction ads in 2008 to become a greater problem into the problem of click fraud.

Xiamen has now become China’s Chinese network marketing distribution center, both domestic SMEs or large advertisers, and the network of enterprises in Xiamen are inextricably linked." Ni Yingwei said that since 2004, Xiamen hosted the three session of the general assembly for the search, and extended to Nanjing, Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore, France and Germany and the United States in Japan and other countries, the establishment of the Xiamen Asia Pacific search engine application and network marketing application center of the city image, providing rich search knowledge for the majority of domestic enterprises.

according to reports, this year’s global search conference attracted David Temple (XiaMen Railway Station, Ogilvy & Mather mutual >