said the QQ group promotion plus group promotion methods, everyone can refer to "Huang Hongren: 3 kinds of website promotion methods procedures detailed" this article, today I take QQ in the group of self promotion methods in detail, this method is more suitable for the network store promotion way.

believe that we do in the QQ group promotion, only to endure is more difficult to be kicked out of the group, the top is netizens scolded, some words are really intolerable to the ear. But it also makes promotion no ground for blame, we are not thick skinned, what to do, it is called It is quite common for. In fact, in the final analysis lies in the autonomy of the group, since so, then we put the right to decide on their hands.

is the only way of self group, no doubt yourself when the main benefits, is basically what they say. Especially for users to continue marketing and training loyal customers. But after the accumulation of Months and years pass by. owned resources, will continue to enlarge sales, it will naturally have to maintain growth.


group is focused on the promotion of self owned group and group member activity, QQ group promotion of the most taboo atmosphere in poor, you think, has been deserted groups, from time to time pop-up ads, or occasionally received an advertising group mail, this kind of situation, not to retreat or shield are difficult. As the main group, the group is active to have to do, of course, group A, 1:30 can’t take care of, so looking for a good administrator that is one of the most cutting-edge new group established work. Below I explain in detail how to create more groups and add more people.

a, apply for QQ number

built QQ group have a certain amount of QQ that is a must, a QQ number can only have 5 groups, including four senior group and a group of super senior group, can accommodate 200 people, while the super group can accommodate 500 people. As for the ordinary group, pre built stood motionless, 100 people and the capacity of the ordinary group at this level is not very good.

QQ, general

there is no way to create a new group, where each QQ must do a little investment, each QQ purchase fee member, the benefits of membership is the membership fee to upgrade the level of speed and QQ, you can add 1000 personal friends. To create an advanced QQ group must rely on QQ members of the VIP level, we look at the following table:

1, QQ level has a sun that can create an ordinary group

2, member VIP1 up to create a group of 4, including the creation of the qualifications of the 1 Advanced Group

3, member VIP2 up to create a group of 4, including the creation of the qualifications of the 2 advanced group

4, member VIP3/4 up to create a group of 4, including the creation of the qualifications of the 3 Advanced Group

5, member VIP5 up to 4 groups, including the creation of the qualifications of the top 4