now do GG webmaster I think most of them may be cheating and come, is the domestic IP to English station,

      in fact, this is nothing, first of all, this approach should not be too

      first you have to make clear who you are cheating on

      in fact, you cheat is not cheating on GG but on the GG to advertise there who cheat

      your method should at least be able to hide those people, or you will be faced with K

      so you have to consider the interests of customers from GG, GG do not want to make money, GG do not want to have more people click on it, sure GG want more people to click on him to make more money

      but he has to explain to the customer, right?


from various aspects

      I summed up the point

      you do not stand in the English language or choose high price, but you have to choose a suitable product and your domestic traffic related products to do,

      click can be high, can be 100%, but you can display a high number of times, why GG requirements on a page to put the best of the code?

      GG is in order to improve the display number, GG know that some people will cheat some people with the page will reach 100% hits, put more than one code display number no more than 33%, it is for this reason, this is also a GG confessed to his side customer < / p>

      third is the price,

      the price is not too high, too high you think of those who is willing to spend money to do high prices will certainly check, because he is out of money, but a month too much advertising reasons did not earn the money you will certainly find GG, nature will inevitably make GG to find you, so the day don’t deliberately choose high keywords to do,

      when you Chinese flow you don’t pop, this is the GG that is cheating, because it’s too obvious and cheat

      well, I want to do these, people will cheat GG