(Han Qingqing, Zhang Yao) 23 reporters from Xihu District Hangzhou City People’s court was informed that the hospital recently held a hearing with Taobao online sales of high imitation bags and cases, involving up to more than 27 yuan, the prosecutor accused the defendant Shimou suspected of the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks.

so-called high imitation, is based on the original shape of the imitation object, material, function imitation counterfeit products, genuine brand identity. According to reports, the defendant Shimou from 2013 March began selling all kinds of counterfeit Taobao international big, because the price is affordable, ranging from 200 yuan -1500 yuan, including 300 yuan and 800 yuan for "Chanel", "Louis Weedon" brand bags, attract a lot of buyers purchase consulting, until October 2013, was seized by the police. Just 7 months, Shimou sales reached more than 22 yuan, the police also seized the value of 4 yuan of goods. December 2014, the people’s Procuratorate of Xihu District to prosecute.

Shimou said in the trial, she was just the middleman, usually from home there in some kind of package at home, upload pictures to the shop for buyers to choose, such as the buyer is selected, then the type of goods sent to the home, the family is responsible for the delivery. This is because the Shimou home was caught in a police action, the police follow it to find shimou.

it is reported that the case will choose a sentencing date.