March 13th news, it was learned that a low-key opening of the official flagship store in Tmall not only Tencent, as well as Baidu.

Baidu Tmall official flagship store


it is understood that Baidu Tmall official flagship store sold products is divided into four parts: intelligent peripherals, including portable WiFi, routing, TV box; intelligent women, including smart skin detector, smart watches, smart fitness, pregnant women; including intelligent body fat, intelligent dynamic single vehicle; intelligent driving, including hud.

Tencent Tmall flagship store is also the main intelligent hardware, the two are exactly the same. Intelligent hardware hot indubitability, a call to BAT in this way gathered for the industry talked about. Xiaobian comments will be organized as follows:

1 Ali, BAT on your own platform to open the intelligent hardware store.

2 is no permanent enemy.

3 Tencent Baidu completely agree with ALI electricity supplier status.

4 Tencent flagship store actually did not choose allies Jingdong?.

5 Tmall WeChat store address is still blocked by the.

6 Baidu, Amazon, Tencent, big companies only Beijing East home did not open, Liu Qiangdong will make the Jingdong in the Tmall store? A will not B. Please select.

7 inventory Stickers – Baidu, Tencent, Amazon, Dangdang, shop No. 1, the United States, where the customer, Le peak, every day are open lynx shop, poor Jingdong suning.

8 family reunion, you must be happy……