station network ( April 26th news, Tencent v. 360 cases of unfair competition in the Guangdong high court verdicts, losing 360. The high court of Guangdong sentenced to 360 to 5 million yuan for the Tencent, and in the front page of the website and other media prominently published apology. Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the 360, said the verdict is unfair, will appeal to the Supreme People’s court". Tencent responded that respect for the right to appeal 360.

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September 2010, the Qihoo launched 360 "privacy protection" is a violation of user privacy monitoring Tencent qq. November 2010, Tencent issued an open letter to QQ users, asking users to choose between two QQ software and only one of the 360 software, which led to the contradiction between the two companies open. Then in the Ministry of intervention, the 360 companies recalled the "buckle buckle bodyguard" software, Tencent Inc also restored the WebQQ login, QQ and 360 to restore compatibility. Then both sides of the battlefield transferred to legal proceedings. Tencent sued 360 unfair competition in the high court of Guangdong, 360 Tencent sued the abuse of market dominance. 360 of the $150 million and Tencent mutual claims of $125 million, has also become China’s largest Internet companies involved in the history of litigation between the two companies.

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360 said the lawsuit to fight to the end

data show that 360 so far has been the "ten consecutive losses," in Guangdong, Beijing and other places with the company’s lawsuit, have been sentenced to lose the local court. Yesterday after the verdict, the court said they will appeal 360. The company issued a statement saying that the case is the abuse of market dominance Tencent, through plagiarism, forced bundling and other means to curb the Internet start-up companies and suppress the results.

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Tencent said respect 360 appeal

on the afternoon of April 25th, Tencent issued an official statement said, thanks to the court of justice, we have always believed that the law will give us a fair result." For 360 said to appeal, Tencent responded that, so far, with the company’s litigation, have been sentenced to lose the local court. "We will respect the rights conferred by the law, and we are confident that the law will make a fair decision." Tencent said.

, some industry insiders believe that the judgment has two important implications for the future of the Internet industry: first, the court of the Internet industry competition rules and safety software authority do delineated in detail. "