new sites, or, after being punished by the search engine, zero flow of e-commerce sites, how to do it? Due to no natural flow in the search engine, almost all the traffic needs on its own initiative, but for small and medium-sized e-commerce company, due to budget problems, do not go to a large number of media advertising, or other investment, trying to control the opening pin in the background, how to make the website traffic slowly it. Q pig from soft Wen promotion and so on several aspects to explain how to promote zero flow website.   1, promotion way of creating new words, and then the soft promotion way of promotion of   analysis: once heard a concept is to create a word, then the word around, do some soft Wen promotion. In all the promotion, specially refers to a word, can be a brand name, can be the product name, because the word is not there before, so if the user needs to search the word, then the search engine appears ", will be issued before for the promotion of soft paper no matter what, click on an article, the final flow node, is your site.   of course, the way of promotion by many, such as text, forums, video and so on, because the keyword appears in the article is that the newly created words that appear in the search engine ", is definitely a series of your current soft hair.   promotion 2, the use of WeChat, micro-blog and other media from the promotion of   analysis: the future of the Internet to buy and sell goods model, there will be more and more professionals involved. For example, the beauty of the people, will pay special attention to some of the beauty of fashion fashion, if the experts recommend a product one day, after the release of the micro-blog open, the goods will sell more.   for individuals or small companies, in the absence of adequate budget, every day can be released, beauty and fitness knowledge, purpose is to become a fashion Master, of course this is a very long process, can be considered in the middle, WeChat, micro-blog, the timely introduction of a discount the activities of the activities, the key is to attract the attention of more people, more active fans. Only get enough fans, in the future to promote any product, will become much easier.   promotion 3, making project, combined with the line promotion   analysis: any network company, can not be ignored, the line of communication and communication, the future of the Internet, or electronic commerce, should be a combination of online and offline, now popular argument is O2O, the project can be online let the user know more specific, the specific content of activities, combined with the line, users can and the company has better communication, the establishment of mutual trust, thereby forming a strong competitive barriers.   of course, as e-commerce sites, SEO has always been a kind of network marketing, both to save money fast effective means of promotion, but the web site operators, which are not likely to be one or several marketing can be arranged.