yesterday, Ali planet mentioned in the new version of the software update, will be a comprehensive cessation of the music service in the near future, but will provide a guide to the export of local music, to help users will have music stored in the phone. According to Ali star said, stop the music service is planned in May, before the upgrade every day sounds Ali planet, interested in the music service hidden deep, the purpose is to allow users to Ali planet offensive situation gradually choose other music platform.


for Ali planet is going to be full stop songs completely became the music community platform, there are still a majority of everyday sounds fans do not understand, everyday sounds before there is one hundred million users, now the planet is equal to the dog in the manger Ali completely stifled the day sounds, although Ali tried to transfer to the planet’s other users a music service product of small shrimp music, but the transfer of the way users means the loss of a large number of users.

look back, if Ali wants to be a music music community products, can be independent in creating a APP, or select the user stickiness and music quality is more suitable for the small shrimp shell as music star Ali, but Ali music has chosen user base more everyday sounds as Ali star shell, when the user upgrade TTPOD APP, Ali can have Star billion users in a short period of time, become the largest music community worthy of the name of the.

do this malpractice is the loss of a large number of users may face problems, especially according to the time plan Ali planet is going to be full stop music service, this is a big test on Ali planet, APP update after settling down the user that has become loyal users of the music community, if a large number of users to transfer to other APP the other QQ, cool music the dog, cloud music NetEase will also bring some negative impact on the development of Ali planet.


since Gao Xiaosong took office after the chairman has stressed that Ali music now play the music market right, Ali music to try new play, it needs to pay a certain market price as a business model innovation risk cost. Although "music, Ali plans to There’s no making without breaking." such changes are also made of consciousness, but the market risk is likely to become Ali music half-dead, at least for now though with ALI planet, but has been doing this every day sounds.


This product is made of

Ali star Gao Xiaosong was on the market strategy, but now Gao Xiaosong love variety paipaipigu for a seat, put the mess left Ali music play, was sent to Chairman Ali entertainment strategy committee, to launch a network to develop the international market for Ali al entertainment. Gao Xiaosong started out to change the attitude of the music industry, now do half abdicated, so the outside world does not know high.