Wenchuan earthquake, a lot of hero, a lot of stories capable of evoking praises and tears. The country’s difficult Challenges make a nation much stronger., arouse our unyielding national spirit. Chinese never like today, worried about his brother, never like today people, do not hesitate to donate stricken areas, the dedication of love.

The main melody of

in almost all the media in China to spend time together, suddenly an Fan Meizhong. The man as a teacher in the earthquake came down his students out of the classroom alone. This is the first human behavior when the conscience, but the "fanpaopao" actually on the Internet to promote their outlook on life: I am a pursuit of freedom and justice, but it is not the self sacrifice of the people! In this moment of the film, only I can consider themselves at the expense of me the daughter of other people, even my mother, I don’t care in this case.

fan behoove to become a target for all. In the face of such a figure, such an event, the public has the right to comment, the comment is helpful to establish the evaluation system of social morality. However, there are television media statue of Fan Meizhong as a guest, and asked him to continue performing studio. The fan also has earthquake Sister Lotus, the nauseating as interesting as their own people first view of life, view of morality excuse. In the education sector to follow the social morality and public opinion and even terminate the employment relationship, even assert that "I love the teachers in this occupation", and claimed that: even if he can’t do the teacher, he will continue to criticize China education, the Ministry of education to the students Chinese critical education is not as critical, they China basic education opinionated, there is no criticism of university education initiative, the college entrance examination system and so on China criticism.

after the individual media packaging, fan was gorgeous, blurred a number of audience’s attention. In the evaluation of a number of Internet users in the network, it becomes a rational gentleman villain personality, unscrupulous behavior into progress avant-garde choice, critical behavior of violation of ethics into freedom and justice to suppress fanpaopao.

it is worth noting that the fan event leads to network noise, the main melody will spend a calamity for the million people united as one man open angle. Some had watched the disaster and reconstruction of people especially young netizens began to turn their attention to this specious boring discussion, even some netizens to speech and fan practices with the compassion and cheer. In the fan "rather be a true villain, hypocrites do fudge and fan fan cheers, a large number of others first, self sacrifice and heroic hero and heal the sick, get trapped by their cold gentleman. In some website replies employ incapable men instead of able men, mediocre people are in power.

personality is indeed human freedom, but not publicity to show modesty, avant-garde progress naturally without rebuke but not avant-garde to confuse truth and falsehood. You can not noble, but you have no shameless right! Fan Meizhong on the "shock" escape, their behavior and the "Teachers Law" and "law on the protection of minors.