recently, the reporter was informed that the owners in the QQ group, forum, etc. Post Bar claimed that recently received notice of access network, the access provider requirements before July all record of the domain name is the need to re submit website authenticity audit data, overdue submissions will be canceled, website access (commonly known as "the site shut down").


reporter in this is called "July 2010 website for the organizers need to provide information to complete the verification of the notice" see, "Dear user: received notice of superiors, from our prior access record, but did not provide a verification of the authenticity of the information required by the customer, please before September 25, 2010 will be your site for the record required verification of the authenticity of the data in the original form by mail to our customers to provide information, not overdue will cancel our access, the specific steps are as follows……"

it is understood that in December last year, for the comprehensive regulation of mobile phone pornographic and vulgar information, the Ministry of Industry issued a "Ministry of industry and information technology on the further improvement of mobile phone pornography special action program", put forward a clear goal of network access, website registration, domain management and other aspects. In January 1st this year -9 month 30 days is the second phase of the special action, including as many as 12 of the measures, such as "strong governance transform domain name, website to avoid regulatory behavior, strengthen the website registration information verification" etc..

the end of the special action at present second stage (September 30th) at work in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry and relevant regulations, the following three situations: "website may be shut down without recordation, engaging in non operational Internet information services, or beyond the record items provide services" and "on the site without registration the domain name not be resolved (including jump)" and "domain name registration information is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete".

experts said, because the Ministry accountability requirements, coupled with the second phase of the notice required is nearing completion, is expected to include network access management, website registration, domain management and other aspects will increase, a group do not provide real name verification materials network station will be shut down the relevant departments. If the site has been suspended access, then suggest multiple angles the website operators and the domain name holders from network access, website registration and domain management examine their business is legal, compliance, and contact with relevant departments as soon as possible, to carry out rectification, for an early return to normal access site.