in fact, this is not a new way of promotion, it is not innovation. As early as a few years ago there was a website to attract users and make a very fine and interactive blessing ", as long as you enter the name and other web content, then the blessing will naturally fill you and your friends in the name. This gives the other side of a beautiful and only the name of your page, of course, the other side is also very happy, but also the input of another person’s name and then sent to the people, so the snowball effect out. But it has not put the name "viral promotion".

this year the day before April 10 days to make good use of this opportunity and verify its promotion effect, just got a whole page (don’t point, will continue to pop-up window, then annoying) set keyword and page content keyword in master new articles, and then add this page links. Ten minutes is collected by Baidu. This station due to higher weight, fool "keyword ranking is before. The rest of the page to see the flow trend.

because this is the use of April Fool’s day traffic, so the actual effect is certainly concentrated in April 1st, a few days before and after that. According to the analysis of traffic statistics, starting from the 35 day of the search engine in just a few hundred IP traffic, but at the end of March, direct traffic has been rolled into a sky thousand IP. On the first day of April, search traffic and direct flow coupled through some users posted in different sites and some funny people with knowledge of the prevention of links, the traffic on the breakthrough to ten thousand Liuqianji Wanda IP, more than ten days before all traffic. But in April 2nd began to flow will fall hundreds of ordinary IP.

concluded, "viral promotion" is very suitable for short-term promotion, the use of special activities, festivals and special events, make full use of the curiosity, fun and excitement or other requirements for promotion. Only a small example of using the fool’s desire to do the trick, so the effect will not be long, but the validation of the "powerful viral promotion".

if you can find a way to meet the long-term desires or needs, then this "viral marketing" for a long time can bring a stable and efficient flow for you.