with the increasingly fierce competition, Taobao is now more and more difficult to do, but also after everyone can shop, everyone can easily make money. If you don’t have a certain operation method, only rely on purely blind tinker, is not feasible.

shop in the final analysis is the competition, you have the strength to compete with peers can be successful. At the beginning of the best to choose their own familiar categories, choose familiar to consumers, choose the familiar products, so you can easily sell their products.

if you are a new store, what early almost no sales, through some discount to the accumulation of sales, or through the ladder in the form of discounts. Or make some preferential policies, such as new products before the promotion of the top ten or dozens of concessions, such as packet mail or half discount deal; send small gifts, discount volume and become a shop VIP members, etc..

let’s start with a few simple, and you’ve seen a small way:

1 packet post

for shipping everybody is aware, if not shipping products, always feel lost, so, according to the price of the store, set up shipping clearance interval. Can be targeted to the clearing price 9.9 shipping shipping 19.9 29.9 shipping and other critical shipping way.

2 season clearance

don’t think season products do not sell, this time the most suitable "collocation package", the season of new products with reasonable collocation, while the discount of new products, so as to have clearance can promote the sales of new products.

3 customer communication

can be transmitted through the circle of friends, like micro-blog, micro-blog, set forward sweepstakes activities and so on, let your customers to participate in, such as: set like over 50 can get 10 yuan coupons no threshold; forwarding micro-blog 100 to obtain a value of XX yuan skirt, etc..

but these are just the basic method of fire, want to shop in many blockbuster is impossible, we will need more deep promotion operations.

1 platform to promote

QQ group, blog, micro-blog, circle of friends, forums and other post, this method is the most simple, but the results are not high.

2 soft Wen promotion

the use of stories, etc. the dry cargo attract the attention of others, and insert their own products or links in the herd, and achieve the promotion effect of soft.

3 links

shop after a period of time, you can secretly contact with others, exchange links. Through the exchange of shops, can form a small network, can enhance the influence of each other.

4 store rating

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