Admin5 station network April 1st news yesterday, announced the acquisition of Shanda literature Xiaoxiang College (, this is the grand literature in recent three months of the acquisition of Fourth literature website, and it owns seventh literature website. At the same time, Shanda literature announced the establishment of the country’s largest genuine digital library – cloud library, the library will be the world’s largest Chinese digital library.

              Xiaoxiang College and netrose similar, is also a female reading original literary website features. The college has 100 thousand stations and author, date of 1000 words words, day visits up to 1 million passengers, hits more than 25 million times. At present, the grand literature has its starting point, literature network Hongxiutianxiang, Jinjiang original network, under the banyan tree, reading novels, romance novels, and the other 7 Xiaoxiang College Literature website. 7 literature website, with more than 930 thousand authors, a total of 50 billion words of reserves, new content up to 6000 words every day.


              it is reported that the new acquisition will also Xiaoxiang College of Shanda literature and other literary website, all contents will access the cloud library". According to Shanda literature related to the person in charge, "the books in the library is abundant, including network novels, traditional books, electronic journals and hundreds of contemporary writers, the museum has been injected into the about 3000000 literary works, a total of more than 50 billion words (the) original novels and traditional bestsellers, exclusive content and Wang Meng, Mo Yan, A Lai, Chi Li, Guo Jingming, Han Han, Mak, Yu Dan and other big writers. Shanda literature also a strategic cooperation agreement with more than 1000 kinds of electronic journals from net signed, these electronic journals will have access to the cloud library. Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang said, the most important thing is that all the books in the cloud library are genuine, it is currently the world’s largest Chinese genuine digital library.


              build the "cloud library" is an important content of the grand literature as "a book" public welfare plan, plan in the future to China each have a carry, at any time to read the mobile library, and strive to increase the per capita amount of reading about this year to 50