is the so-called word-of-mouth marketing, word of mouth, such as I have a Taobao shop selling electrical appliances, will go to the side with the friend, let them help publicity, this is the word of mouth marketing. If the friends of friends to buy electrical appliances, electrical products of good quality, then through their mutual promotion, then the author of the Taobao store was spread, there will be more people to patronize. Word of mouth marketing is to take people to share the psychological, through the recommendation of friends and family, its credibility will be higher, more likely to be accepted.

word of mouth marketing and forums, micro-blog, soft and other auxiliary. Specific steps can be summarized according to the author’s own practice reference:

1 first think a topic can attract the public eye, only attracted the attention of the public, they can get more attention, have the desire to tell the people around, to share, this topic should focus on user requirements, is to stand in the user’s point of view to plan, what we need users try to provide what. With the topic of communication and communication between users, so the topic must meet to talk about sex, so you can speak out.

2 and then choose the channel of communication. Communication is very important, poor choice of communication channels, communication effect will be greatly reduced, the communication channels can be selected according to the attributes of products, simply sell appliances businesses can go to a forum for the promotion of soft appliances. In the Internet, not only the forum, and blog, micro-blog, and so on platform, as long as their topic enough Madden, can let you interact, word-of-mouth naturally slowly formed.

3 word of mouth publicity monitoring. No matter what marketing methods, we must monitor the effectiveness of marketing. For different word of mouth publicity channels, monitoring means are not the same. For example, word-of-mouth publicity in the forum, to check the text is deleted, not deleted will consider posting replies, click number, number and so on. Blog word-of-mouth monitoring data can be from the number of blogs, click on the number of reproduced to view.

the above steps is the word of mouth marketing approach, to cause the word of mouth effect, to attract the public eye can be considered from the following points:

1 spread happiness. To the user to bring happiness, the user will help you advertise to more people, we all like to be happy.

2 story form. Everyone likes to listen to the story, interesting novel, in the word of mouth marketing if you can integrate into the story to promote the content is a very good strategy.

3 reciprocal form. If the topic can effectively solve the user needs, the user will also be introduced to more users. For example, the summary of all bus lines comprehensive information of a region, this post may be the top administrator even if we add their own love, a little promotion content is very good.