and Google search engines such as Bing has recently adopted a method called hybrid search, means in their search results not only show the standard ", also display video, pictures, news stories, micro-blog maps, etc.. Of particular note is that the video content than the standard text content, the results appear in the search results page 50 times higher than the possibility. Can you understand the importance of video in your content,


now, countless videos are often uploaded to YouTube and similar video sharing sites – 24 hours a day, every minute of the video uploaded to the YouTube. So how do you stand out from the crowd of people who upload videos? You need to make a video that is widely shared by others. The widely broadcast video, of course, can produce a lot of praise, and make people eager to watch and share, but they do not necessarily win many people visit your site or buy your product.

with any of your content, in the creation of the video, ask yourself, "why do people want to contact me to see this video?" most of the time, the answer is that they want to relax, to something fun, or want to learn what. Ideally, the videos you create fall into two categories. It would be better if you could create a video that combines the two. Here’s how to make video content.

conceive your story

relative to the text or audio, video is likely to let you tell a more shocking story. So, you have a lot of opportunities to make something really fresh. According to Thomas, a new media expert, ·, and Mr Clifford, the difference between a flat video and a truly attractive video is that the latter tells a true story. Therefore, he suggested that we make a small documentary, which has the following three characteristics:

1 it focuses on the true story of your company;

2 it highlights the real people, therefore, to show the personality of your team, such as Thomas said, "real people say the truth." Even if your product or service is purely technical, your video should also be highlighted;

3 it includes a number of outsiders (perhaps suppliers, customers, stakeholders, etc.) to enhance feasibility.

Thomas says one of the advantages of small documentaries is that they are economically affordable. Typically, as long as a few actors can shoot, and do not rely on fancy pictures or stunts.

, he explained, shooting a documentary of small good, the key is to have a written story, he or she can design a framework, or write a loose shooting script helps to determine the direction of the last story. Every person you interview should talk in his or her own way