a lot of entrepreneurs to start the process did not go down, largely because of the choice of projects did not give full consideration and attention, because the selected items of consumers do not have much appeal, coupled with too much competition, ultimately defeated, then select the project in the entrepreneurial process exactly which factors would be considered


1. The intensity of consumer demand for products (services)

consumers have differences of sex, age, cultural level, occupation and other factors, we can according to these factors the consumers, so that they are subdivided into a consumer groups, a consumer group is a market segment, but we should concentrate on the service object, so choose the project must know our service target groups in the end is who, he (she) of the product (service) to strong degree of demand, the demand is strong, easy to do more projects, the demand is weak, more difficult to do


two, market competition situation

continues to ask who is a direct competitor faced the project, who is the indirect competitors, how intense competition, vicious competition is still benign competition, if it is a vicious competition, the product has no new characteristic value to deal with the competition, or any other weak competition project to do. So from the point of view of competition, we should not always look at in the fierce competition of the project itself, the new product should go find some features to do or find some new projects to do the weak competition.

three, the timing is appropriate

When a

thing is just the development often means opportunities and where nobody pay attention to, so the competition is weak, this approach is easier to succeed, the development of Baidu, Ali, Taobao, Tencent, Sohu and other enterprises of the importance of all that opportunities or grow trend; when things mature or declining often means opportunity the market has been lost, either by several big competitors firmly seize the industry, either in recession, regardless of the circumstances under which the entry point was too late, so the opportunity to control often becomes the key factor in the project can be done, so the choice of entrepreneurial mesh may be considered for some start-up industry, such as now the VR (virtual reality) industry.

four, product (service) features

when faced with fierce competition in the market environment, to know what is the difference to his products or services and offered by competitors, whether these differences are of value to consumers, the more valuable to consumers, products or services will sell better, more profitable.

five, product cost, price and profit

How much is the

project to provide the product or service cost, how much is the price, what is what is the gross profit, gross margin, gross margin in more than twenty percent of the gross profit margin of twenty percent, no project should be carefully considered, sometimes a gross margin can be a negative factor.