looked at Taobao on those high reputation sellers to earn tens of thousands of tens of thousands as a novice, if you feel very depressed? In fact, this experience is a lot of shopkeepers have experienced, no matter how high reputation, they are starting from scratch, has been tried in this stage. According to my shop experience, novice sellers are facing the following problems:

1, reputation is not high

online shopping is the most afraid of being cheated, and through Taobao’s credit score can greatly reduce the risk of being cheated. Therefore, most of the buyers are the first choice of the crown, crown sellers, which resulted in no matter how good quality, good products, many consumers still choose only high quality and inexpensive, high credibility of the seller. To solve this problem can only rely on persistence, and this time may be a few years. Therefore, if you do not make up your mind, there is not enough financial support, it is best not to choose to shop in Taobao. Want to open a shop through a part-time seller, you can choose to do shop agent, we can find the information I wrote before.

2, shop to professional

in addition to look at the credibility of the customer will observe all aspects of the store. Therefore, in addition to the shop to find a professional designer decoration shop, their products have to learn to edit, beautify. As long as a good grasp, do not distort the product, you can greatly enhance the customer’s desire to buy.

shop decoration does not need to be the key to look comfortable and brightly coloured. The best fitting as well, the shop page itself because of the reasons for the image of the product has been slow to visit, if you hang too many decorative pictures, it is likely to lose a lot of impatient customers.

3, product quality must be excellent


shop is about to repeat, such as those of the high credibility of the seller, why they are full of customers? Is very important one is to make customers willing to excellent products, many shopping. Although the existence of credit fraud case, but this is a minority, otherwise taobao.com fell early.

good product quality, look at each of the owners to share the purchase experience, in order to improve the quality of products. For the control of product quality, novice shop more cautious. Because the customer is not, if it is because of quality problems lead to the loss of customers, it is really hard to go on.

4, publicity work to do enough.

open numerous shops in taobao.com, wine is also afraid of deep alley. If the propaganda work enough, do more promotions, it is not afraid of no customers. In fact, what information did not merit, just look to do their own degree. Many successful sellers propaganda shop just to post, but unlike ordinary people, they always stick to it, then condensed into power, cause the credibility be promoted step by step. Post is an important part of the gathering popularity, whether the impact on store sales, and the owner is really insist on a direct relationship.

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