August 2016, network network (838890) officially listed on the new board. August 2010, LETV (300104) listed on the gem. After a lapse of 6 years, the music department and a subsidiary of the landing of the capital market, fame. As the holding official with the music founder Jia Yueting series of sound, and for the network network with "ecological fruits" label.


music as founder Jia Yueting released on micro-blog, born extraordinary cited conjecture

it is reported that the network network belongs to music as ecology, 2013 officially launched operations, the main business for the Wine ecological electricity supplier. LETV why in the strict capital operation system for network network to enter the capital market independent is not associated with TMT? Seemingly network network, what is the role of

in the eco story?

for the "living ecology" buried seeds

as a huge ecosystem of Internet companies, music as a result of the operation of the capital to maximize business value is the normal action." Cao Lei, director of China Electronic Commerce Research center. Network network docking capital market, will directly benefit from the capital driving force to promote the rapid expansion of existing business layout. But the new board a greater role in promoting the network network to break the boundary to the broader field of expansion. There are indications that the field of consumer spending will be the next version of its strategic expansion.

hand, LETV with large ecosystem operation, has been in a number of dimensions, hardware, users store enough skill, can find another outlet to release the value of energy. On the other hand, the seven major ecological LETV network network, as the music as its ecological only a FMCG business, its business focus and user consumption is closely related to the market characteristics of the high frequency, large volume, fast circulation, has great value of blue.

network network is likely to become LETV help out of the TMT field, enter the consumer market trillion more broad, long-term life become music as a strategic layout of ecological pieces. In early 2014, network network had tried the layout of ecological agriculture, and to test the water crabs. Visible, music and life consumption has been on the network network with imagination and ambition.

put aside speculation, further analysis, network network can realize the overtaking in the field of living? The answer lies in the network network have formed the business model and core innovation ability.

Network Network future business

music as the future business is to continue to incubate a larger ecosystem, it is bound to have a continuous expansion of business. Compared with business mergers and acquisitions, since incubation network network also has great development value." Industry analysts believe that.

network network hand rooted music as ecology, the depth of the anti and ecological realization; at the same time expansion to the broader field of living, constantly enrich the product matrix, with phenomenal IP operation.