stars are "boss dream", people do not look rich but capricious, what the shop business is really not money can get into the Star shop "fire three days" put up the shutters is not in the minority. But the big star of coffee are still on the "sideline" never abandon, there are a lot of also properly go "win" peak, today it together to scrabble Yi People’s entrepreneurial is what kind of



Carina Lau Bordeaux red wine sold cabbage price

in June this year, the famous movie star Carina Lau in his English name to set up a "Carina Lau" wine brand, incorporated into the Tmall, shop a month to sell nearly 250 thousand bottles. Sure enough wine worthy of Carina Lau’s star figure, but he went to France to the selection of products, all the red wine from Bordeaux. But you see in Tmall’s Carina Lau wine is "cabbage price": only sell three hundred yuan, the minimum is only 59 yuan, the actress is so capricious!


Mr. Du Haitao funny you funny turn home supplies

Don’t look at the waves in the

program for the adorable adorable stay, they started to do business is not bad. Mr. Xiong was founded in 2012 in his home Taobao brand, now is the 5 crown shops, covering daily necessities, household clothes, stationery, bags, toys and other series. And a lot of products is Du Haitao personally as a model, a publicity photo on exaggerated funny, feeling his own image with the brand is too apt have! No wonder people see have orders.


Li Chen wore MLGB clothes cross hairy

This is Li Chen

recently to the "big black" Fan Ye boarded the pinnacle of life, but the "super Sentai" in Jiangsu TV host Li Chen. He founded the fashion clothing brand NIC IS COMING, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other 6 stores, but also on the Tmall shop. He interpreted the MLGB as "My life getting better", is,


in recent years, Li Chen also played the cross, his clothing brand and store, selling pancakes and orange Huangtaiji take different types of products are working together, this year also to do cross-border crabs. The clothing with the food seems to be standard, last year Li Chen opened his dessert shop, selling nougat cookies, right, you heard me, and online store monthly sales volume is 24 thousand



Jay Chou small restaurant open for public concert

"Jielun chose" MR.J series should be the most famous restaurant, MR..J Restaurant Week heroes main Beijing Chinese cuisine, to arrange a few fans to eat meal.