once a year "double eleven" Carnival countdown, if you think that this is a single man, then you are 3S lady gimmick, severe OUT, in the business view, this is a good opportunity to hundred-percent shopping spree. U-Mail Xiaobian specially consulted the marketing expert Liu, he believes that to do a good double eleven e-mail marketing, is to grasp a few key points.


can be known to the world Jewish business they have known words, sentences, called "money in the pockets of women and children", modern research also shows that women and children are the biggest money also most, indeed, a great masters, a few big replacement clothes, but women in different seasons, different clothes that is a lot more numerous cosmetics. "Double eleven" why so popular? It is because it is the name of "substantial profit discount" signs, let love petty housewives tread on air. Some experts on the men and women of different psychological in the shopping: men usually need something to spur of the moment to buy, and often neat and quick to quickly buy finished, but the woman is different, even if one does not buy, she can make the shop a long time, alignment, inquiry, critical, bargain and dawdled, in fact, "double eleven" female shopping groups indeed accounted for a large proportion, or how Ma will be referred to as "a bitch" friend


then for the email marketing means what? Liu experts believe that we should make demands on women, it is assumed that women are most likely to be the reader from the mail style design to write picture selection, copy all around the female readers to consider, such as a snack dealer U-Mail email platform in the mail on the design with warm colors, the message placement of some cartoons, with emotional tone told a snack from France attached to a variety of romantic legend, another parable describes it tastes very popular; even distribution of male supplies such as razor like, is also the best place in female buyers, such as "in order to give his family a busy day to prepare a gift……"

"double eleven" attracts people irrepressible impulse shopping, because the two words "cheap cheap or cheap" (something important to say three times), that is to say consumers have such an illusion: a commodity that usually looks quite a high price, all of a sudden the price down, of course, echocardiography; the supermarket get a free gift, the aunt who can do so to queue overnight, let the housewives are very careful in reckoning eyebrows, you need to "affordable" on the bit: the usual tricks are discount, and in a certain period of time (these seckill offers and activities you need through the mail, in addition to consumer advertising) you can also multiple gifts or shopping coupons, discount or fight groups, in order to expand the communication, you can encourage consumers to share profits or commitment in forwarding "friends Circle product praise to achieve a number of free".

Liu experts say, in the mass mailing >