said that everything is hard in the beginning, this article is written, start writing is the most difficult to write, enterprise product promotion is the same, and do not spend money will always have different opinions, afraid to spend money, no effect, free to send fear off force, just like you to talk to people today on pay promotion and free trial of what emotional entanglements.

first we talk about is not all of the products are suitable for the free trial? Make sure the answer is NO, not every product for free, so what you want to take some example that can go to play.


all products can be paid promotion? The answer is YES, but in the end the input-output ratio is not guaranteed, and a few days ago, home health care products exchange president, someone asked you now what is the main source of user channels including TV advertising? About this, said 10 years ahead TV ads, join 100 million people saw, there will be 10 million people to buy, there will be 1 million people before the purchase, and now there are 100 million users to see, perhaps only 1 million people to buy, this investment is far greater than the output, we are very curious, users do not want to pay for what is the quality of the product? No good before the answer is not?.

then come to the free and paid investment, if you are ready to spend 100 thousand of the advertising costs and prepare a free trial of the product of 100 thousand, with a month’s time to see who will be better?

said the first pay, because I was doing network marketing, so here I only to network advertising, and YISHION mask Fu Zhao agent as an example, how to use this one hundred thousand advertisement? Put to put on what platform, each platform will bring about what kind of how much money? The effect of


1, the purpose of paid advertising

believe everyone will say, my purpose of advertising is to sell products, bring more revenue, although we often say not to make money for the purpose of marketing is not a good marketing, but to make money, to let the user know who you are and what you can do, which requires brand promotion, we have to recruit micro agents as purpose through paid promotion can bring what effect.

2, what platform to use this $100 thousand?


auction, a large coffee, reds forward, forum top, soft news, Post Bar top, wide point, supply network platform more sure cost a month is not enough


3, what kind of effect?

A, exposure

Effects of

exposure in the bidding Baidu, because the ability to decide according to the bidding specialist, from the choice of keywords, to account maintenance, bid and other factors, because only 10 thousand of the cost, if put keywords is not accurate, the price is too high, soon put on