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A5 Taobao SEO training classes, think of so many Taobao store friends, think oneself are in Taobao also fought for a long time, for Taobao SEO, I want to give some ideas to share with you here.

early Taobao now have made a fortune, the first open prosperous business era has passed. By 2012, after several changes in Taobao, now shop more and more pressure. Many of my friends have opened around the Taobao store, is the beginning of passion, decoration, upload baby, shop promotion and so on an awfully. But a month later a business are not, then silently on the lazy tube. In fact, including myself, a lot of people have this problem, not insist on how long you choose to give up the shop, what all fresh, what are tried, but did not stick to it, for their own foothold not found. Well, get the following share some advice I do Taobao optimization SEO.

as follows, first talk about the Title Optimization, the baby up and down the window and time to recommend these three aspects of the window


baby Title Optimization in the natural flow, there are 80% from Taobao search, and keyword search rankings is the first baby title match, then, the remaining treasurer recommended shelf time, baby popular sales etc.. So Taobao search optimization is a very hard work, must take each item one by one to consider if we modify the title, simply upload the data packets or distribution shelves, without making any changes, then you want never sounded. So how to give the baby from the title? First look at the title search match analysis: (the author of the real test Oh)

example 1 search chrysanthemum

baby Title XX a chrysanthemum XX perfectly match

baby Title XX hang white chrysanthemum tea XX perfectly match

example 2 search "chrysanthemum tea"

baby title "XX chrysanthemum tea XX" perfectly matches

baby Title XX chrysanthemum tea XX moderate match, will affect the ranking by

baby Title XX Daisy XX although less than a word, but completely does not match, the search results do not show

example 3 search "chrysanthemum tea"


title "XX XX

, chrysanthemum tea"The title "XX

baby white chrysanthemum tea boutique XX" perfectly matched

The title "XX

baby white chrysanthemum tea boutique XX XX" to match the height of top title "XX Baby Boutique chrysanthemum tea XX" moderate matching, ranking title > baby