people often say: "wine is not afraid of deep alley." However, this is the old saying, but not suitable for the current society. The people are trying to design a variety of topic of speculation, when using a variety of opportunities to attract eyeball limelight more attention, how to put their own or sell your products, is the main topic of modern society people present concern. So it is in the website, also apply to take the initiative to promote the active promotion of truth, if there are no people sharing or self promotion plan and action execution, good website to the success probability is more small, almost is not consistent with the economic laws of contemporary society. Therefore, in order to make the site in the shortest possible time to be successful, we must have their own development strategies and direction.

Besides the establishment and development of

except for the positioning of the site and content, a web site has been basically formed to promote out, is to make the website to obtain the maximum range of awareness, and thus get more users by increasing users get more traffic, especially traffic and user resources of high quality, and then convert it to real income is owners need to seriously consider the issue. And the combination of contemporary society and the law of economic development, the use of certain methods to make the site by the user is the active promotion of the fastest fast selling website is the most effective, is also the most economical way, and in all kinds of promotion methods, share power is undoubtedly the most effective way to achieve this.

It is interesting by attractive or interesting content through a variety of attractive activities to share power refers to the

, to attract users and users can actively and actively promote the site, so that the website users in the development process of full participation and support, so that they can get double effects through users actively share the website promotion, website promotion to as many place in the shortest possible time, and get as much as possible into the flow and new user training opportunities, and this share and will not adversely affect the operation and development of the website, and will also bring increased the website development cost, is undoubtedly a development path is worth attention and try the webmaster.

a, focus on hot topics, create a topic, manufacturing sharing.

hot, a heating topic of digging out from the hot, made into a special page on the site, whether from the appearance or rich content are caused from users, allowing users to feel the high quality of website content, to attract users to take the initiative to share. By adding code to the web site, such as sharing the fun, Renren, Sina micro-blog and other well-known site code tools, users can easily share with other users in the site. This approach needs to focus on the attractiveness of the content, can attract users to share the topic of the initiative is the key to success.

two, providing features, innovative and unique, to promote sharing.

in addition to the contents of the