cash flow management is very important, be sure to plan every money, do not take it for granted, can not wait for the money will be exhausted before the start of financing. Bo Pai car, delicious 77 is after get financing began a large-scale expansion of personnel and product lines, a sense of crisis, ignore the business exploration and financing must go hand in hand.

capital aphrodisiac, weighing less than Shengburusi is dead.

startups, the most direct and effective way to carry the winter is to find the next round of financing. But the results are not satisfactory, there are statistics, this year, only about 1/4 of venture capital projects to get B round of financing, the vast majority are likely to die before the B round.

2015 is the traditional business closures, 2016 is "Internet plus" business closures. With the end of the year, capital has gone the way home, and relying on capital continued life startups are exposed. Chen rotten illness, died in a heavy haze before the new year.

2016 the collapse of the "Internet plus" classic case of

was too close to the money, so no one can accept the fate of today. The annual inventory, select typical cases from the automobile market, online travel, cross-border online shopping, fresh electricity, takeaway food, community retail six areas respectively (all get over before large-scale financing or achieved remarkable results, after a clear off or shrinkage behavior), tries to make an analysis from the reasons behind the hustle and bustle of and lonely, in order to give the majority of entrepreneurs thinking and warning.


automotive aftermarket

on behalf of the case: Bo Pai car

closing time: April 2016

as the largest O2O washing and maintenance platform, Bo Pai car was valued at $two hundred million, has completed two rounds of financing: September 2014 was the Innovation workshop million A round of financing, in March 2015 by the Jingdong, BITAUTO etc. the Senate voted 110 million yuan B round of financing. The investment of Jingdong, to Bo Pai car not only bring in money and social influence.

won the B round after the car to Bo Pai eat the whole vehicle service market, and in less than half the promotion to the country’s 22 city, monthly orders of more than 150 thousand, 1400 employees.

Bo Pai car has launched 1 yuan free on-site maintenance "and" 45 vehicle monitoring activities, try to burn with plenty of ways to create their own "fan group", and the direct consequence of this pattern is to do a single lost a single, became unsustainable mess.

is on a good one disaster after another, the original $100 million financing by appointment, "Bo Pai car end to end.

comprehensive comment:

in the trillion market size of the temptation, the car after the market into a state of fast money (now)