a Alibaba listed, let all people a China motivation, also all Chinese eyes staring at the Alibaba’s online website to every act and every move, Ali [www.alihouba.com] full of creativity, but also allow users to enjoy a. From Ali to reach the peak of perfection after the Alibaba can not help but think of what is the age of ali.

      speaking of Alibaba, summed up a lot of "1", the Alibaba from the daily turnover of 1 million to 1 million profit per day, every day to pay 1 million, easily the world’s largest Internet company YAHOO into the unit, to do business for 102 years, Ali listing will raise $1 billion, is expected to become Hongkong the stock market’s first ever large technology stocks, China has B2B, C2C, is the first large payment platform, but also to create a number of first Alibaba, is also worth looking forward to. When Ali group, Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, and YAHOO China reputation network, Ali software, Ali mother reach the glorious summit, has brought tremendous impact to the China and the world Internet, what will I bring to you after Ali era?

      let merchants in the network era. China e-commerce industry pattern will produce changes, a new Internet application groups are formed by "mainstream Internet users’ and ‘netizens’ entered the era of" network era ". Chinese growing network groups, is changing the Chinese business mode of operation, and then shake the whole economic competition pattern. More and more entrepreneurs dream to take to the surface of the water, they are able to take full advantage of the vast network of commercial space, the convergence of a broader and more innovative wealth effect. More and more people do not have a relationship with the Internet industry and people will be eliminated and transformed.

      pave the way for the webmaster. Personal strength is weak, the trend of network effects is difficult to quickly and promote the development of the network, such as before the emergence of a lot of website alliance, advertising exchange website, but can not believe the scale, promote the Ali Mama advertising, as a commodity, will show his unique charm, when the whole market fire, personal webmaster to find some Alibaba deeply is not very deep vertical industry, it should be easy to win a share of their own. Personally feel that the personal webmaster should not be too much to pursue advanced mode, Web2.0, Web3.0, you can stick to Fengeng when, instead of mature models, such as B2B, B2C, C2C is the new model, but there are many not touch the plate, if the person standing on the long the plate has a certain understanding, the use of mature mode, familiar with the plate, not to make money is difficult. Now B2B, B2C, C2C website system is also very mature, such as easy to use software to build, as long as the Internet users will be easy to build up their own electronic business