network advertising, as its name implies, is put on the network advertising. Compared with traditional media, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, online advertising is the current network information products into a new advertising trends. Common online advertising pictures, animation flash, text, video and other ad formats. At present, Internet advertising has wide coverage, low cost, the optimization effect is strong, the network advertisement is one of the main methods of network marketing promotion, and everyone takes the following Seoer analysis, how to make the network more targeted advertising, user experience better, more can improve the advertising effect.

first, advertising mix to stimulate the user clicks desire.

good network advertisement should be placed in a conspicuous location ", using the picture + text + animation etc., make advertisements more vivid and visually more impact, but also pay attention to advertising and web style collocation, integration, improve the user experience, to let visitors by self, click the desire to produce advertising effectiveness.

second, the concept of advertising language, establish brand image.

some of the domestic and international famous website, in order to improve to narrow the distance between the user and the brand image design of related images, such as "use Baidu Search, You’ll see.", "everything is possible", "do not take the unusual way", "sincere forever", "I listen to my site", "a diamond forever, forever" and so on, all from experience to his profound meaning, how to make advertising language more started to establish a brand image, to do the following:

1, the sentence is smooth, concise, straightforward.

The expression of

2, with the head line language, convenient user memory, improve reputation promotion.

3, advertising language should be innovative, unique, easy to understand the text, give people the space to imagine, to seize the attention of the user’s imagination.

third, the content is often updated to improve freshness.

users see advertising for a long time, many times, will increase the user fatigue and boredom, in order to better adapt to the site to repeat, do not post ads to determine if the advertisement is immutable and frozen, fixed, it would be reasonable to deal with pictures, images and surrounding collocation, color, text, more frequent updates can improve the user clicks.

fourth, the positioning of user groups, put the appropriate advertising.

according to the type of advertising, analysis, lock the relevant user groups, streamline the budget, put the corresponding network media, advertising does not require more, and to achieve accurate, accurate. Select the industry related websites, user groups and more, the site traffic is high, the site is good to put trust. Twice the result with half the effort, can improve the user conversion rate.

the current network media has a wealth of user groups, the broad advertising market, the development of a comprehensive regional promotion prospects, advertisers are spending less, quick results, the spread of one of the means of network marketing.

Author: Seoer Xiyuan original site